59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy

COMICS - Young Adult 2021


Le Discours de la Panthère

Text and art by Jérémie Moreau
Editions 2024, France, 2020

What the jury said:
“The marvel that is Nature is splendidly portrayed by the artist’s incredible colour palette and the exceptional book design. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes are the perfect backdrop for the animal characters as they wonder about their destiny and what will happen to their species. Moreau steps outside the usual survival-of-the-fittest wildlife narrative to look at how animals relate to members of their own species. His mature profound style highlights the hidden similarities between humans and animals before the great existential questions." 


Gamayun Tales I: An Anthology of Modern Russian Folk Tales

Text and art by Alexander Utkin
Nobrow, United Kingdom, 2020

What the jury said:
“Utkin’s saga of a medley of Russian folktales is depicted in an energetic colourful visual style whose modern character design and fantasy atmospheres breathe new life into the traditional stories and legends of his country. The Water Spirit, the King of Birds, and the Golden Chest are here portrayed in Utkin’s compelling style – sometimes threatening, sometimes joyful."


Le Spirou d' Émile Bravo - L'espoir malgré tout 

Text and art by Émile Bravo
Dupuis, Belgium, 2019

What the jury said:
“Bravo’s tribute to Spirou, the famous French-speaking Belgian character, depicts him at the time of his first adventures in Belgium during the 1940s against the historical backdrop of the time. Reinterpreting the classical drawing and narrative style of the period, Bravo adds new episodes to Spirou’s life during the war, exploring a range of different categories and sentiments: the oppressed, the persecuted, collaborationists, and opponents of the Nazi regime. Spirou takes the reader into an authentic re-enactment of daily life during the war in this, the first of a four-part series on the Second World War."