59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy

COMICS - Early Reader


Iparapa Yamooyamoo

Text and art by Lee Gee Eun
Sakyejul Publishing, South Korea, 2020

What the jury said:
“In her book, Lee Gee Eun creates a small world regulated by the special needs and sensitivities of its tiny inhabitants. Threatened by a big monster, the population shows a strong sense of community. The distinctive personality of every character is depicted with simple strokes that nonetheless convey great detail. Emotions are explicit in the faces and body language of the creatures as they battle against the monster in a story that is both entertaining and funny but also prompts reflection on how we welcome and accept the other into our midst." 


Cachée ou pas j’arrive! (Ready or not here I come!)

Text and art by Lolita Séchan  and Camille Jourdy 
Actes Sud, France, 2020

What the jury said:
“Co-authored by Camille Jourdy, creator of the award-winning volume, Les Vermeilles, and Lolita Séchan, the book is an original weave of characters from their previous work: Nouk, a girl with a tail and kitten ears – created by Séchan - and the horses both feature in Jourdy’s previous book. Set in a forest, the story sees them meet the Biloba, a family of moles well-known to readers of Séchan’s books. Playing hide-and-seek, with Bartok Biloba counting, Nouk explores the places created by the two authors. Bartok and Nouk – here drawn in black and white – venture through a fantastic forest bursting with color. The game also becomes a playful journey through French nursery rhymes, a cue for the authors to play hide-and-seek with each other, looking for the other’s characters and exploring their worlds. A book about complicity and friendship to be found not only in a story but also in real life, in nature."