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Auzou Publishing


Anna Aiello (International Accounts Manager)
Email: anna.aiello-externe@auzou.com

Cécile Alexandre-Tabouy (Production Manager)
Email: cecile.alexandre-tabouy@auzou.com

Gauthier Auzou (CEO)
Email: gauthier@auzou.com

Nadia Chettouh (International Accounts Manager)
Email: nadia.chettouh@auzou.com

Maurane Chevalier (Editorial Manager)
Email: maurane.chevalier@auzou.com

Isabelle de Lataulade (Production and Logistics Manager)
Email: isabelle.delataulade@auzou.com

Jeanne Digne-Matz (Editorial Manager)
Email: jeanne.digne-matz@auzou.com

Emma Farrell (International Accounts Manager)
Email: emma.farrell@auzou.com

Patricia Fernandes (International Accounts Manager)
Email: patricia.fernandes@auzou.com

Maddalena Fessart (Italian Market Editor and Marketing)
Email: maddalena.fessart@auzou.com

Sébastien Fresneau (International Business Unit Manager)
Email: sebastien.fresneau@auzou.com

Damien Hervé (Editorial Director)
Email: damien.herve@auzou.com

Orianne Lallemand (Author)

Laura Levy (Editorial Director)
Email: laura.levy@auzou.com

Nicole Mullan (International Marketing and Editorial Manager)
Email: nicole.mullan@auzou.com

Violette Perrin (Publisher)
Email: violette.perrin@auzou.com

Celia Quijada Merino (International Accounts Manager)
Email: celia.quijada-merino@auzou.com

Jennifer Rossi (Editorial Manager)
Email: jennifer.rossi@auzou.com

Caroline Rousseau (Export Sales Director)
Email: caroline.rousseau@auzou.com

Fanny Salomon (Manufacturing Manager)
Email: fanny.salomon@auzou.com

Aurélie Scherrer (International Accounts Manager)
Email: aurelie.scherrer@auzou.com

Eleonore Thuillier (Illustrator)


We are a dynamic French publishing house, producing more than 300 new titles per year: albums, pop-up, novelties, board books, non-fiction... Thanks to our talented authors and illustrators, our books meet an incredible success on the international markets, and some can be found in 20 languages now.


(21-101) Activity books (21-111) Novels (21-115) Pop-up books


(E) All Ages

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