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At Host, one of the largest in¬dependent publishing houses in the Czech Republic, we have focused on contemporary Czech and world writing for almost thirty years. We currently publish about 150 titles annually and the Host brand has become a guarantee of high-quality literature in many genres. In recent years we have strengthened our list by adding the children’s literature programme which includes works by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, Marianne Dubuc, Emilia Dziubak, Oksana Bula, and Roberto Santiago. Another focus of ours is the high-quality Czech book for children, by which we bring together an original story with great artwork. In 2021, we published the first foreign rights catalogue showcasing a cross section of our children’s titles. Our 2024 version has been updated to contain some brand-new titles.


(A) pre-school (B) Early readers (C) Middle grade (D) Young adults (E) All Ages

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