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Sakyejul Publishing Ltd.


Sakyejul was founded as a humanities and social science publisher in 1982, and has grown to be one of the largest and best-known publishers in Korea. Over the years, Sakyejul has succeeded in expanding its focus into new areas such as children’s and juvenile titles. As a result, Sakyejul is now known for its children’s juvenile, academic, educational, fiction and non-fiction publishing, and has gained widespread recognition as Korea’s leading publisher. Due to its endless efforts and labors to create better books, Sakyejul now has many excellent titles, as evidenced by the presence of many award-winning titles in children’s and humanities publishing, which range from illustrated story books to academic and history books. Sakyejul’s enduring commitment as a publisher with expertise in its fields of publication is to create long-term partnerships with our readers that may enhance learning, disseminate knowledge, and improve the quality of life.


Fantasy Fiction Humour


(21-102) Board books (21-113) Picture books


(A) pre-school (B) Early readers (E) All Ages

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