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Carla Balzaretti (Editor of Literatura SM España)
Email: carla.balzaretti@grupo-sm.com

José Manuel Cidad (Chairman)
Email: yovana.bravo@grupo-sm.com

Juan Carlos Febrero (Director of Literature SM)
Email: juan.carlos.febrero@grupo-sm.com

Marta Gallas (Rights Manager)
Email: marta.gallas@grupo-sm.com

César Gómez (Director of SM España)
Email: violeta.benito@grupo-sm.com

Patrycja Jurkowska (Editor of Literatura SM España)
Email: patrycja.jurkowska@grupo-sm.com

Berta Márquez (Manager of Literature SM España)
Email: berta.marquez@grupo-sm.com

Javier Martínez (Managing Comercial SM España)
Email: javier.martinez@grupo-sm.com

Marta Mesa (Literature designer SM)
Email: marta.mesa@grupo-sm.com

Eduardo Nacarino (Literature designer SM)
Email: eduardo.nacarino@grupo-sm.com

Antonio Navarrete (SM corporate CEO)
Email: mariac.alvarez@grupo-sm.com

Pablo Nuñez (Art Manager)
Email: pablo.nunez@grupo-sm.com

Mayte Ortiz (Director of Fundación SM)
Email: estrella.machuca@grupo-sm.com

Anna Pauner (Editor of Literatura SM España)
Email: anna.pauner@cruilla.cat

Lara Peces (Art Gerente of Children and Youth Literature)
Email: lara.peces@grupo-sm.com

Carolina Pérez (Editor of Literatura SM España)
Email: carolina.perez@grupo-sm.com

Estela Ruíz Torres (Managing of Literature SM México)
Email: estela.ruiz.torres@grupo-sm.com

María Sánchez (Marketing Manager Children's and Youth Literature)
Email: maria.sanchezg@grupo-sm.com

Teresa Tellechea (Editor of Literatura SM España)
Email: teresa.tellechea@grupo-sm.com


SM is a Spanish publisher specialized in the publication of educational materials and children's, youth and religious literature (under the PPC label), with a strong presence in Latin America. Its catalog includes such emblematic collections as El Barco de Vapor and Gran Angular, as well as narrative, knowledge and dissemination for children and young people; textbooks and teaching materials for teachers and students, also in digital formats; language teaching methods for foreigners, dictionarie


Diversity and Inclusion Fairy Tales Fiction Science & Nature 


(21-102) Board books (21-111) Novels (21-113) Picture books


(B) Early readers (E) All Ages

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