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Plein Vent Editions was established in 2020 and offers comic books and children's literature for the whole family. Part of the Elidia Group (Éditions du Rocher, Desclée de Brouwer, Éditions Artège), Plein Vent publishes twenty-five titles a year for children to develop a taste for reading, to whet their curiosity and to help them learn about history. Adventure and History are at the heart of Plein Vent's editorial project. Young and old alike will discover novels or comics perfectly adapted to their age and tastes, in order to get to know and love History and to immerse themselves in the adventure of reading. Editions Plein Vent has taken over a number of titles previously published by other publishing houses of the Elidia Group, whose spirit was identical to their editorial project.


21-113 Picture books


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade

Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2 Comics Corner
Pad. 29 Stand C/10 - E/9 - F/10 - MALL2

28, rue Comte Félix Gastaldi BP 521
MC-98015 Monaco , MONACO