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Al-Ahlia for Publishing and Distribution


Dar AlAhlia for Publishing and Distribution was founded in Amman in 1985. It is an extension of Dar Al-Arabiya for Publishing and Distribution which was founded in 1970. Dar Al-Ahlia is primarily interested in publishing political and intellectual books. It also publishes literary and academic books as well as children's books and that makes it a publisher of almost all subjects.Dar Al-Ahliya has three branches in Amman, which are considered the outlet for the readers as, In addition to publishing, we also distribute all kinds of books from the Arab World.


21-103 Colouring books 21-104 Comics & Graphic Novels 21-105 Dictionaries 21-106 Educational books 21-107 Encyclopedias 21-111 Novels 21-114 Poetry 21-115 Pop-up books 21-401 Arts 21-402 Biographies 21-403 Crime, Thrillers & Mysteries 21-406 Fairy Tales 21-407 Fantasy 21-408 Fiction 21-409 Food & Health 21-411 History 21-413 Horror 21-414 Humour 21-417 Non-Fiction 21-418 Philosophy 21-419 Politics & Social Sciences 21-420 Psychology 21-422 Science & Nature 21-423 Science-Fiction

Pad. 29 Stand A/2 - C/1 BBPlus

Al Salt Street
11118 Amman , GIORDANIA