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Catherine Uwimana


I am an independent consultant based in Kigali, Rwanda. My focus is on children's book publishing and book value chain development in developing countries. After nine years working for an international non-profit leading children's book publishing programmes, I recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey consulting for non-profits and profit-based entities, and individuals in East and West Africa. I am in the process of registering my publishing house, getting a VAT, building a website, and more.


21-113 Picture books 21-202 Audiobooks 21-204 Digital platforms 21-205 e-books 21-206 Games 21-207 Services 21-405 Diversity and Inclusion 21-408 Fiction 21-417 Non-Fiction 21-422 Science & Nature


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade

Pad. 29 Stand F/28 - MALL2 Spotlight on Africa

KG 302 St, House No.10
. Kigali , RUANDA