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Archipelago Books’ international children’s imprint, Elsewhere Editions is devoted to translating imaginative works of children’s literature from all corners of the world. Our hope is that these titles will enrich children’s imaginations and cultivate curiosity about other cultures, as well as delight book lovers of all ages with their humor, art, and playful spirit. We hope to build a list of books that shows faith in children as enthusiastic, sensitive, and serious readers.


21-113 Picture books 21-205 e-books 21-401 Arts 21-404 Disabilities 21-405 Diversity and Inclusion 21-407 Fantasy 21-408 Fiction 21-414 Humour 21-415 LGBT 21-418 Philosophy 21-422 Science & Nature


E All Ages

Pad. 29 Stand MALL - 1/ World Lounge

232 Third Street, A111
11215 Brooklyn, NY , USA