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Raffaello Editorial Group specializes in books for nursery school, educational books for children from primary to secondary school: textbooks, dictionaries, atlases, ELT material, guides, CD-roms, Dvds. "Il Mulino a Vento" storybooks varies from readings for young learners to teenagers, both in Italian and in English. A new fiction series “Raffaello Ragazzi”, for children from 8 to 12 years, deals with history and other teenagers themes.


21-101 Activity books 21-104 Comics & Graphic Novels 21-110 Language courses 21-113 Picture books 21-115 Pop-up books 21-117 Tactile books 21-118 Text books 21-201 Apps 21-206 Games 21-207 Services 21-208 Websites 21-404 Disabilities


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade

Pad. 25 Stand B/18

Via dell' Industria 21
60037 Monte San Vito AN, ITALIA