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Dalcò Edizioni Srl


Dalcò Edizioni is an independent publishing house based in Parma, Milano and New York. For over twenty years we have been specialized in gastronomic and lifestyle books, some published with the Food Editore brand. As a packager we design and create general non-fiction and illustrated books for children with a strong educational component. All our projects are designed both for the Italian and international market.


21-104 Comics & Graphic Novels 21-106 Educational books 21-108 Essays 21-113 Picture books 21-116 Reference books 21-401 Arts 21-402 Biographies 21-405 Diversity and Inclusion 21-408 Fiction 21-409 Food & Health 21-410 Geography 21-411 History 21-417 Non-Fiction 21-418 Philosophy 21-422 Science & Nature


A pre-school B Early readers C Middle grade D Young adults E All Ages

Pad. 26 Stand A/48

Strada Giuseppe Mazzini 6
43121 Parma PR, ITALIA