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Slovakia - Literárne Informacné Centrum


Miroslava Bilacicová (Book Fairs Manager)
email: miroslava.bilacicova@litcentrum.sk

Lubica Kepstova (Editor)
email: lubica.kepstova@litcentrum.sk

Petra Mikulasova (Manager)
email: petra.mikulasova@litcentrum.sk


The Centre for Information on Literature (LIC) is a public organisation aimed at providing material and organisational support for literature written in Slovakia, its authors and translators. The most important objectives of the Centre are: ¦ promoting Slovak literature abroad by means of literary translation, events and international conferences and festivals of literature, ¦ participating in international book fairs, ¦ cooperating with foreign publishers of Slovak literature, and financially supporting the publication of translated works of Slovak authors abroad, ¦ awarding grants for literary residencies for foreign translators and promoters of Slovak literature abroad, ¦ creating and systematic updating of the databases of the writers and works of Slovak literature, ¦ editorial activity, ¦ publishing of periodicals.


21-101 Activity books 21-106 Educational books 21-107 Encyclopedias 21-110 Language courses 21-113 Picture books 21-114 Poetry 21-115 Pop-up books 21-118 Text books 21-306 Periodicals 21-401 Arts 21-402 Biographies 21-406 Fairy Tales 21-407 Fantasy 21-408 Fiction 21-409 Food & Health 21-410 Geography 21-411 History


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812 24 Bratislava , SLOVACCHIA