Myko (Myco)

Czech Republic
Text by Jiří Dvořák   
Illustrations by Daniela Olejníková

What the jury said:
This book impressively encapsulates current knowledge about the complex fungi kingdom. Conceived to appeal to readers of all age groups, it perfectly combines scientifically accurate content with striking, contemporary graphic design. The outcome is a volume that is rich in encyclopaedic detail, innovative in composition, and visually breathtaking.


A Jungle in Your Living Room: A Guide to Creating Your Own Houseplant Collection

Flying Eye Books
United Kingdom
Text by Michael Holland
Illustrations by Philip Giordano

What the jury said:
This book on indoor nature, brimming with scientific insights and hands-on activities, sports a contemporary graphic design and vibrant, original illustrations. Demonstrating a rich vein of science and creativity, the book shows how people connect with the plant world, learn about and care for it – many since their younger days in the comfort of their bedroom as a child. In a world increasingly dominated by apartment living and indoor lifestyles, this book is more essential than ever.


Caduto. La seconda vita degli alberi (Fallen. The Second Life of Trees)

Cocai Books
Text by Valentina Gottardi, Danio Miserocchi, Maciej Michno
Illustrations by Valentina Gottardi

What the jury said:
This book delves into the life cycle of a tree, involving, implicating, and encompassing a multitude of other organisms. Rather than through direct instruction, the book offers an ecological lesson by encouraging readers to understand interrelations between living beings and the transformations they undergo. The book is filled with scientifically accurate information, paired with captivating illustrations.


Vertical. Historia ilustrada de la escalada (Vertical. An Illustrated History of Climbing)      

Litera Libros 
Text and Illustrations by Ximo Abadía

What the jury said:
This book explores the relationship between humans and nature through the lens of extreme experiences in a mountain setting. Filled with historical insights, it offers practical advice and naturalistic information on ascending peaks in various seasons using different climbing and mountaineering techniques. The large-format volume boasts an original graphic and illustrative layout.