Online Edition
14-17 June 2021

Giulia Orecchia



Giulia Orecchia has always lived in Milan where she has her studio in a former paint factory. After studying Visual Design at Milan’s Design Polytechnic, where one of her teachers was Bruno Munari, she began her carrier as an editorial illustrator mainly for children’s literature. During her career, Orecchia has illustrated the works of renowned authors, short stories, novels, poetry, and book covers and also designed and produced games. As well as holding illustration courses and workshops at IED, MiMaster, Scuola Comics, the Tamer Institute in Palestine, she has also taught on training courses and lectured on specialist training courses at Marnie Campagnaro’s “Nati per Leggere” (NPL) association at Padua University. As a teacher, she encourages people to develop their creative spontaneity, putting aside their rational reticence and feared of being judged. Giulia Orecchia received the 16th “Andersen-il mondo dell’infanzia” Prize.