Translation @BBPlus2024

Translation is a crucial pillar of all international book fairs. It is particularly close to the heart at BBPlus.
Translation rights are bought and sold in the Bologna Rights Centre and on exhibitors’ stands, enabling stories and information to travel the world.

In 2023 the first half looked at prizes and grants, and the second on scouting for books in translation.

Translation Forum took place Wednesday 10 April 2024.


10:00- 10:50
Books From Taiwan 1: Discover and Translate 

Catrina Liu, Project Manager, Books from Taiwan; Shin Su, MD, Bk Agency; Kim Pai, Founder, The PaiSha Agency, Daniel Hahn, author and translator.

Taiwan is home to a wealth of literature waiting to be discovered. Covering a range of genres from fiction to manga to children’s books, Taiwan agents and publishers are the gateway to undiscovered and yet to be translated books. With a generous translation grant available for rights buying publishers, this session will highlight how to engage with Taiwan and where to look for its hidden gems.

Translation Forum 2. Marketing and Promotion of Books in Translation: Who, How and Why?

Merve Yavuzdemir, TEDA Translation Grant Project; Katharina Bielenburg, Tamer Said, Sharjah Literary Agency; Porter Anderson, Publishing Perspectives.

In various book markets worldwide, a significant portion of the literature available is comprised of translations from foreign languages into the native language. Publishers and booksellers face the task of effectively marketing and selling these translated books to the general public. One key question arises: do marketing and promotion techniques differ for translated literature? Additionally, what challenges and opportunities do publishers and booksellers encounter in the sale of translated books? Moreover, how does the author and translator contribute to the marketing process when their book is available in multiple languages? Lastly, the panel will provide practical steps and advice for creating a successful campaign for translated literature.