BLTF/Kids Stand Types and Prices


REGISTRATION FEE (mandatory): €490.00
Participation to the Global Rights Exchange Licensing included

Guest firms registration fee (max. 2 in addition to the holder): €490.00 for each guest firms. Invoiced to the stand holder. Include partecipazione alla Global Rights Exchange Licensing


  • Stand Type A - (4x4m): €3,920.00
  • Stand Type B - (4x8m): €6,490.00


  • 4x4m module facing aisle: €2,945.00
  • 4x4m module facing rear (only in addition to aisle-facing module): €1,820.00

The unfurnished area is entirely without furnishing. 
No walls marking off the area are provided. Therefore, the furnishing must be totally independent and self-supporting.
Maximum height permitted: 3 mt. (Changes to stand heights of more than 3 m may only be made upon written request by the exhibitor and written approval by BolognaFiere)

Further information on participation

The registration fee includes the following benefits:

  • All Risks and Third-Party Liability insurance (compulsory);
  • inclusion of the company in the official exhibition catalogue and guide map;
  • Registration of the company on the Global Rights Exchange platform;
  • entrance passes for exhibitors;
  • a free parking space inside the exhibition centre.

In order to make participation in the trade fair easier, the following services are also included in the booth prices:

  • Connection to the electricity grid, including verification of normal functioning. Maximum power supplied: 3 Kw;
  • Regulatory fire extinguishers;
  • Daily booth cleaning;
  • Municipal charges for advertising on signs and public display of the exhibitor’s name;
  • 5 standard 802.11 b/g 2GHz Wi-Fi connections.