Translation @BBPlus2023

In  2023 the first half looked at prizes and grants, and the second, on scouting for books in translation.

Translation Forum

Wednesday 8 March 2023, BBPlus Theatre. 

10.00-10.50 – The Literary Translation Forum part 1: The Power of Prizes and Grants

Prizes for books in translation can have a real impact on the author career, the writer’s career, on publishing sales, on raising the profile for books in translation. Grants for translation are also very important to enable translations to happen. These two important subjects will be considered by an expert panel.
Will Forrester, International Manager, English PEN, Tom Walker, Publishing Director, Folio Society
11:00-11:50 – Literary Translation Forum part 2: Scouting for Books in Translation
What do publishers want from translators who have spotted a masterpiece in another language? How can translators and publishers work closely together to bring bestselling books to the attention of readers around the world?
Porter Anderson, Publishing Perspectives; Lawrence Schimel, Translator
Books in Translation and the US Market Nicole Bond - Books in Translation Danny Baror - Books in Translation Kris Kliemann - Books in Translation Soumeya Roberts - Books in Translation Agnes Ahlander Turner - Books in Translation

Books in Translation and the US Market

On 6 October in Manhattan, NYC, this roundtable on the theme of books in translation took place. Rights buying and selling is the core of all international book fairs, and translation rights are centre stage within the rights arena. An august group of experts gathered, representing all aspects of the translation world, from agents to booksellers and translators and publishers. Nicole Bond, Simon & Schuster; Soumeya Roberts HG Literary; Danny Baror, the Baror International Agency; Michael Reynolds, Europa Editions; Kris Kliemann, Kliemann & Company; Agnes Ahlander Turner, Maria B Campbell Associates; Ben Schrank, Astra Publishing House; Sarah McNally, McNally Jackson; Allison Markin Powell, translator, and Rachel Deahl, Publishers Weekly moderating.
In addition to the roundtable discussion, six participants shared individual views in a series of five-minute vox pops on aspects of translation.