March 30 - April 2
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Stand types and prices


The prices do not include the compulsory Registration fee and are subject to VAT if due.

(4X4m, furnished): 
€ 4,075.00


  • IRON GREY carpet set down with nylon protection sheet
  • Laminated panels on aluminum black frame H cm 250
  • Upper front board H cm 24

Electrical Equipment

  • n. 2 spotlights
  • n. 1 multi socket 220V – max load 1,5 kw


  • n. 1 sign for each open side: Company Name in black Arial cut vinyl


  • n. 24 shelves
  • n. 1 waste basket
  • n. 1 fire extinguisher
  • n. 2 rectangular tables cm 140x80x70H
  • n. 2 chairs

(4x8m, furnished): 
Display area 4x4 m + Lounge 4x4 m € 6.750,00


  • boundary walls in modular panels, supported by anodised aluminium structures
  • grey carpet

Display Area: 

  • 2 tables measuring cm 140x80 (height cm 70)
  • 2 "Plia" chairs
  • 24 bookshelves
  • 3 spotlights
  • 1 electric outlet (220 V)
  • 1 sign
  • 1 wastepaper basket


  • 1 table measuring cm 140x80 (height cm 70)
  • 1 "Plia" chair
  • 3 easy chairs
  • 1 small table
  • 2 spotlights
  • 1 wastepaper basket
  • fire extinguisher
  • daily stand cleaning


Corner: request, and subject to availability, corner stands will be allocated with right or left-hand opening.

Daily cleaning service included. 
Extra equipment can be ordered on
It is forbidden to use any tool or device that may ruin the panels –any damage will be charged after the exhibition.
It is allowed to attach adhesive graphics onto the panels provided that they are totally removable; other kind of prints (such as foam board) are to be hung with S-shaped hooks and little chains coming down from the top of the panels.
It is possible to leave out all or some items by notifying it within 10 days prior to the show opening - no replacements or price reduction allowed.

Important Safety Notes and Regulations
It is strictly forbidden to add live loads to all pre-fitted booths. Exhibitors who need to attach or hang anything onto the panels must be authorized by BF Servizi




The unfurnished area is entirely without furnishing. 
No walls marking off the area are provided. Therefore, the furnishing must be totally independent and self-supporting.
Maximum height permitted: 3 mt. (Changes to stand heights of more than 3 m may only be made upon written request by the exhibitor and written approval by BolognaFiere)

Types of modules:

  • FACING-AISLE MODULE 4x4 m: € 3.130,00
  • REAR MODULE 4x4 m (only in addition to aisle-facing module): € 1.920,00

Compulsory Registration fee: 
EUR 400,00 
Guest firms registration fee 
(max. 2 in addition to the holder): 
EUR 400,00 for each guest firms.

Invoiced to the stand holder.