▶ Is it necessary to present the “Green Pass” to enter the Exhibition Center?

Yes. Starting from January 10th and until the end of the emergency period in order to allow the event to run safely, anyone intending to access the areas where the exhibition takes place must have and show daily, at the accesses, the " Super" Green Pass, as required by the DECREE-LAW 30 December 2021, n. 229. Access with " Super" Green Pass, in line with AEFI provisions, is intended ffor all those who access the premises where it is held the event (visitors, exhibitors, congressmen, press, guests, suppliers, employees, etc.). This provision is also validduring the set-up and dismantling periods if, at the same time, the Exhibition Center is affected by an event open to the public *. BolognaFiere organizes checks at all entrances and during activities to verify the presence and validity of this certification.

*Any concomitance with other events is indicated in the DUVRI published on the pass.bolognafiere.it website.

▶ Which are the additionl access rules to the Exhibition Center?

Only visitors with a regular ticket, valid for the date on which they intend to participate, will be able to access the Exhibition Center. Visitors will be subjected to temperature control in compliance with the privacy policy and the access will be allowed only if the temperature is below 37.5 ° C.
For the access to BolognaFiere’s exhibition centre, you need to register according to the procedures provided for the specific event. The data will be kept for a period of 14 days and made available only to the Local Health Authority if requested.

Exhibitors will be subjected to temperature control in compliance with the privacy policy and the access will be allowed only if the temperature is below 37.5° C.

  • During the opening to the public:
    Personnel accessing the Exhibition Center must be correctly registered according to the terms for the specific event. Cards or accreditations not associated with a specific name cannot be issued.
    The data will be kept for a period of 14 days and made available only to the Local Health Authority if requested.
  • During set-up/dismantling period:
    The access is allowed only to personnel authorized and correctly registered on PASS website.
    The data will be kept for a period of 14 days and made available only to the Local Health Authority if requested.
    The above is valid also for suppliers and stand-builders.

▶ Is it possible to carry out an antigen test in the Exhibition Center area?

Yes. In order to guarantee access to the exhibition center to all, a health facility will be set up in the areas next to the exhibition center ground to carry out quick antigen tests. The cost is €15.

Alternatively, the service can be provided by various pharmacies located near the Exhibition Center. The complete and always updated list can be reached on the website: https://salute.regione.emilia-romagna.it/tutto-sul-coronavirus/test-sierologici-e-tamponi/farmacia

For anyone who needs a molecular swab, conventions with some centres are in place.
Discounts for those who show up with the event ticket (or exhibitor's card) are between 10 and 15% off the list price.

  • Cavour Diagnostic Centre
    For reservations call +390514383810 or visit https://www.centrocavour.it/ 
  • Descovich Health Centre
    For reservations call +390516494501 or send an email to info@descovich.com or book from the website www. descovich.it
  • Giardini Margherita Health Centre
    For reservations call +390514842736 or send an email to segreteria@poliambulatoriogiardinimargherita.it

▶ How will the access of foreign visitors and exhibitors be regulated?

European operators, as well as Italian ones, must present the "reinforced" green pass.
For more information please refer to the dedicated page on the European Commission website: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/eu-digital-covid-certificate_en

Non-European operators will have to present valid certification that can be consideredreplacement\equivalent to the "Super" Green Pass, issued by the competent health authorities following a vaccination validated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

In the case of an expired vaccination certificate ( from vaccination or recovery) or vaccination with unrecognized EMA vaccines, visitors foreigners can access with an antigenic (valid for 48 hours) or molecular (valid for 72 hours) negative swab.

▶ Is the use of the facial mask mandatory inside the stand?

Yes, in the exhibition areas of trade fairs and congresses all general health and hygiene regulations will be applied, such as social distancing and the use of surgical masks or higher grade (FFP2 without valve), both for the staff of the exhibiting companies and for participants and visitors.

Note: The obligation to wear a mask also remains valid for all those who have completed the vaccination cycle. Exceptions to the use of the mask can only be granted in particular cases such as speakers at a large distance from the audience.


▶ Are there specific rules for the management of the flows inside the stand?

Reorganization of the spaces to grant the access in an orderly way, thus avoiding gatherings of people and ensuring the maintenance of at least 1 meter of distance between users.
If possible organize separate lanes for entry and exit.

▶ Are there specific rules for the stand project?

Perimetral walls:
Protocols and guidelines foresee to favor the air exchange of the stand inside the exhibition hall.
If you need a perimetral or horizontal closing, we recommend you to project it with systems, such as ceiling or false ceiling, allowing the best exchange of air already present in the hall.
There are no particular prescriptions on the set-up materials to be used, however it is advisable to prefer those that are easily washable.

Offices and other rooms:
It is not forbidden to build offices or private/reserved rooms inside the stand, but you must always foresee an adeguate air exchange. The maximum number of people allowed to get at the same time into the room must be calculated according to the room size.

▶ Are there special rules for furniture and interior arrangements?

Stands must be designed and furnished to grant the social distancing of 1 meter.
There are no rules on the geometry or dimensions of the tables, but the seats must be positioned in order to keep a distance of at least 1 meter between people.
In the design of the spaces, it is essential to foresee lanes of adequate size to maintain social distancing. In calculating the area of the stand dedicated to visitors, it is important to consider the reduction of space due to exhibiting material (i.e. machinery, cars, etc.).

▶ Is it mandatory to indicate the maximum number of people who can access it at the same time outside the stand?

No, it is not mandatory.

▶ Is it mandatory to check the "Green Pass" for visitors who enter the stand?

No. Whoever is inside the Exhibition Center during the days it is open to the public has already been subjected to due to access controls, therefore it is not necessary to carry out new checks.

▶ What are the rules to follow for disinfectant gel dispensers?

Each stand should be equipped with a dispenser for the disinfectant gel.

▶ Is it possible to place showcases/attraction points inside the stand or along its perimeter?

Yes, it is preferably to position them in a way to enable the respect of interpersonal distancing and management of any gatherings.   We suggest you to increase   the number of showcases/attraction points and their location in different positions of the stand.

▶ Is the use of touch screens allowed on the stand?

Yes, as long as a sanitizing gel dispenser is placed next to each of them.

▶ How to manage Events within the exhibition area?

If a big crowd of public is expected for an event, notify it to the Organizing Secretariat in advance.Promote the use of digital technologies, eg. online registration for the Event, to avoid foreseeable gatherings. Even if the the Organizer has the register of visitors of the event, we suggest you to keep a register of participants for each event in order to facilitate the contact tracing in case of necessity.

▶ Are there any special rules for reception desks?

For the desk dedicated to the secretariat and reception, it is not mandatory to set up physical barriers if the distance is guaranteed and the employees wear the masks correctly.
It will be possible to evaluate protection systems such as for example. plexiglass screens, the use of the mask is still mandatory.

▶ Is it possible to distribute gadgets?

Any information, promotional materials, gadgets may be made available preferably in self-service way (which the visitor accesses after hand sanitization) or using digital systems.

▶ Are there any special rules for conference rooms?

In the conference rooms, reorganize the spaces to ensure access in an orderly manner, in order to avoid queues and gatherings of people. If possible, organize separate routes for entry and exit. The use of the mask is always mandatory. The speakers' table and the podium for presentations must be arranged in order to allow speakers/moderators to intervene without the use of a mask.
In case of use of remote control, PC or other devices, the cleaning with disinfectant must be made after each utilization. It is necessary to make hand hygiene products available for users and staff at several points of the areas


▶ Is it possible to organize buffets or catering services inside one’s own exhibition area?

Yes, it is possible to organize a buffet mode providing in any case, for customers and staff, the obligation of maintaining the distance and the obligation to use the mask.
The self-service modality can be allowed with organizational modalities that avoid the formation of gatherings also through a reorganization of spaces in relation   to   the   size   of   the   premises; suitable measures must also be assessed (eg. signs on the ground, barriers, etc.) to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter during the queue for access to the buffet.

▶ Is it necessary to show the "Green Pass" to access the official exhibition restaurant services?

From January 10th to access all bars and the restaurant areas, it will be necessary to possess the "reinforced" green pass. During the exhibition period it will not be it is necessary to show such certification for consumption, as already presented at the entrances to the Exhibition Center.

▶ Is it possible to eat meals at the table?

Yes, it is possible to dedicate meal areas with seats (there are no prescriptions on the size of the tables). In any case, the distance of at least 1 meter between the guests must always be respected.

▶ Which are the rules for food distribution on the stand? Do the staff serving at the buffet have specific requirements?

Insid e the stand , it is the exhibitor's responsibility   to   d efine the   proced ures for   verifying   the green pass based on the specific rules on catering ind icated in the DECREE-LAW 26 November 2021, n. 172. Professional operators for the management of catering activities must comply with the specific sector regulations which, at present, also include the Covid-19.
In any case, for less formal situations, all current hygiene regulations must be respected, taking care that everyone must sanitize his own hands before each activity and before any contact with food and drinks.
The consumption of beverages (eg coffee) must be carried out keeping a safe distance from other peoplepresent in the stand and the mask must be removed only for the time necessary for consumption. It is recommended to use disposable cups.
It is always necessary to avoid gatherings.


▶ How is daily cleaning managed?

Each exhibitor is responsible for the cleaning and sanitizing of his individual exhibition area. BolognaFiere offers a paid stand sanitation service.
In the common areas and in the toilets, the Organizer/ Manager of the event guarantees the regular cleaning of the rooms.

▶ Will BolognaFiere personnel be present with an anti-crowd function?

Yes, BolognaFiere staff will be present to avoid gatherings in the common areas.
The exhibitor must verify that all provisions and protection measures relating to Covid have been carried out inside his stand.


The following FAQs have been compiled on the basis of the legislation in force as of 22nd February 2022. Should variations of the same legislation become available, the document will be updated.