Virtual Illustrators Wall

a 190-day show

Now in its fourth edition, the 2023 Virtual Illustrators Wall is once again proving a great success.

Viewable online from 16 February to 31 August 2023, this year’s Wall has posts from 800 illustrators from 70 countries.

This new edition of the digital Illustrators Wall offers visitors and sector professionals the chance to browse through creative illustrations for children and young adults sent in from all over the world.

To make browsing easy, illustrations are divided by continent and country. A focus function allows close-up views of illustration details. Also indicated are the title of each work, the artist’s name and country of origin.

This special virtual showcase will be seen by publishers, agents and scouts, who will be able to contact artists of interest thanks to the contact details accompanying each illustration (e-mail, website and social profile).

And on the occasion of 60th BCBF Edition, from 6 to 9 March 2023, the opportunities become threefold!

Alongside the Illustrators Wall - as usual, at the Services Centre - there will also be a series of video stations dedicated to the Virtual Illustrators Wall. Visitors to the Fair will therefore also be able to view the Digital Wall content running on a loop throughout the 4-day show. A QR code will also allow them to go to the BCBF website for a closer look.

In addition, the full gallery of all the illustrators will also be available on the official 2023 BCBF APP.

It’s a further opportunity not only for illustrators who can’t make it to the fair but also for those present to get noticed by sector professionals at BCBF.