International Kids Licensing Days

The event is curated by BCBF and BLTF/Kids in partnership with Licensing Magazine

Two days - 24 February and 21 March – in hybrid digital and in-person mode taking a close look together with sector players at Kids Licensing, today a major international industry focus.


On Demand


Webinar and Recorded video



International Kids Licensing Days: The Metaverse for kids and young adults. How its development is impacting the Licensing market

The Metaverse and NFTs: what are they and what opportunities do they offer? After providing an overview of the Metaverse and its development, the meeting facilitators - international sector experts - will take a close look at the development opportunities it offers the kids and young adult market.

International Kids Licensing Days:
The latest international trends in Kids Licensing

An in-depth look at the latest trends in Kids Entertainment and Kids Licensing during a full day of meetings and talks with international sector players.