"I didn't do my homework because...". How a fib became a publishing success story

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"I didn't do my homework because..."  Meet the four people involved in an international publishing success: Davide Calì (author), Benjamin Chaud (illustrator), Debbie Bibo (agent and publishing consultant), and  Naomi Kirsten (Chronicle Books editor).


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The picturebook "I Didn't Do My Homework Because..." is among the most successful works by the creative duo Davide Calì, author, and Benjamin Chaud, illustrator.

Released in 2014 by the American publisher Chronicle Books, the picturebook was subsequently translated into several languages, reaching the main international markets. This led to Calì and Chaud developing a series of picture, drawing, colouring and activity books along the same narrative lines.

The four speakers will help us reconstruct and understand all the planning phases that led up to this formidable publishing success. Davide Calì and Benjamin Chaud will give us insights into the creative side, while editorial consultant Debbie Bibo and Chronicle Books editor Naomi Kirsten will look at the different aspects of project definition, editing and final publication.

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