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21-24 Marzo 2022

Little Panda, Dad and the Moon / Malý Panda, Tato a mesiac

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2:52 min.

The children's picture book Little Panda, Dad and the Moon is an emotional story with beautiful bluish illustrations by Adela Režná. The book describes the communication of a little panda with a physically absent father. It is an important evening communication between the father and his beloved son before bedtime. The author Daniel Rušar reacts empathetically to children's fears and worries, but also children's desires and needs. The book combines the desire and urgency to have a loved one with you at all times, with a child's vision of the world that is straightforward, figurative, and uncomplicated. This text contains a touching and moral plan, that is intensified by the tender illustrations and the loving conversation between father and son.
Daniel Rušar
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