Catalan middle-grade novels beyond the Strega


16 giugno


45' min.

Two Catalan authors have been awarded with the Strega Prize in the past 4 years for their middle-grade novels: David Cirici with MOLSA and Lluís Prats with HACHIKO. These two honoured books are far from being an exception in a rich and long-standing Catalan narrative for young readership that is currently blooming with a myriad of books written by authors of different generations and sensibilities that share the same international ambition. Jordi Martín Lloret, Fiction publisher and awarded literary translator, will share a selection of favorites novels and series that have the potential to captivate readers worldwide. A professional talk targeted at international publishers to discover middle grade novels and series.
Jordi Martín Lloret
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Institut Ramon Llull
copy photo: Juanma Ramos
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