Catalan Illustrators - an overview curated by Arianna Squilloni


15 giugno


45' min.

Arianna Squilloni is a renowned Italian illustrator, founder & editor of A Buen Paso, and member of the board of the Associació de l'Àlbum (an association that gathers some of the most exciting Catalan independent publishers of picture books). Squilloni has been settled in Catalonia for many years now and therefore she is in an unique position to introduce a selection of Catalan illustrators to her fellow Italian publishers. She will lay out a wide range of styles and artistic approaches showcasing senior illustrators, emerging figures, promising portfolios, as well as well-established artists yet to be discovered abroad. A professional talk targeted at Italian publishers to pinpoint potential illustrators for upcoming publications and to track down published books that might be suitable for the Italian market.
Arianna Squilloni
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Institut Ramon Llull
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