Listen Up!

Audiobooks International Conference

Tuesday 2 april
h.2.30 pm
Sala Notturno (Services Centre)


Also this year in Bologna audiobooks will be protagonists with the conference LISTEN UP!, the appointment about audio world organised in partnership with Bookrepublic.


Publishers and producers from all over the world have taken up the challenge launched by the market opportunities offered by audio content: in the United States, almost 50,000 audiobooks have been produced during 2017. Who are the people who listen to audiobooks? The latest research confirms that 54% of the American users are under 45. In the children segment, audiobooks are a ‘safe spaces’ that helps to increase literacy. Which is children’s publishers reaction to the spreading of the smart speakers?  Again, which are the moments dedicated to the activity of listen? To these and many other questions will answer the international guests of LISTEN UP!, focusing on the numbers and datas, comparing publishers and players in the audiobook industry. 

Michele Cobb, APA (USA) and Marco Ferrario, Bookrepublic (Italy) will introduce, during the first part of the conference, an international Survey organized by Bookrepublic and the APA - Audio Publishers Association of New York. Moderator: Aura Bertoni, ASK Bocconi Research Center (Italy), Laura Forti, ASK Bocconi Research Center (Italy).


The American publisher Capstone Publishers, in the second part of the conference, will bring the case history on the interactive product for children developed together with Alexa. Then, a round table with international guests. Panelists: Amy Metsch, Penguin Random House Audio (USA), Patricia Stockland, Capstone Publishers (USA), Ingrid Bojner, Storytel (Sweden), Francesca Rossi, Mondadori (Italy), moderated by Carlo Annese, Storytel (Italy).



  • Michele Cobb, Executive Director - American Audio Publishers Association
  • Ingrid Bojner, CCO - Storytel Sweden AB
  • Amy Metsch, SVP, Associate Publisher - Penguin Random House Audio
  • Francesca Rossi, Digital Sales Manager - Mondadori
  • Patricia Stockland, Publisher - Capstone Publishers




  • Carlo Annese, Podcast Editor at Large - Storytel Italy
  • Marco Ferrario, CEO - Bookrepublic
  • Aura Bertoni, Senior Research Fellow, ASK Bocconi Research Center
  • Laura Forti, Senior Researcher, ASK Bocconi Research Center 


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