Seven additional entries were selected by the jurors as examples of excellence in each category.



Affamato Come un Lupo (Minibombo, 2018, Italy)

Author: Silvia Borando, Anna Beozzi, Paolo Chiarinotti, Amedeo Perri

Illustrator:  Silvia Borando

A lovely, simple app for preschoolers, helping them make choices and navigate visual mazes while helping fun animals escape a hungry wolf. If all goes well, they get to have their picnic. Jurors liked the simple, attractive graphics, sounds and good user experience. Ages 4-8 years, Android and iOS.



Spitkiss (Playdius/ Triple Topping, 2018, Denmark)

Author: Morten Brunbjerg/ Triple Topping

Illustrator: Anne Sigismund & Murray Somersville

Colorful illustrations and well designed gameplay take on themes of gender identity and polyamorous relationships without being too serious. This game is fun to play for all ages, and requires logical thinking and timing. Ages 6-up. Runs on iOS, Android and Steam.




Fiete World (Ahoiii Entertainment UG, 2018, Germany)

Author and Illustrator: Ahoiii Entertainment UG

Within the growing genre of virtual doll’s house worlds, Fiete World stands out with its charming illustrations, smooth design and sophisticated cause-effect interactions. For example, you can use a saw to cut down a tree to make a fire. A wonderful, creative world to inspire young imagination. Ages 3-6. Runs on iOS.





The Ghostkeeper’s Journal & Fieldguide/ Ghost-O-Matic app. (Carlton Books, 2018, UK)

Author: Japhet Asher 
App: Japhet Asher and Russell Porter 

This genuinely creepy book/app combination sets a new standard for how AR features can truly augment printed material. As you enhance your skills as a ghost hunter, you uncover clues, capturing ghosts and solve the puzzles. Jurors noted the quality steampunk style design. Ages 10-up; iOS app (book required).  





Lexi’s World (Pop Pop Pop, 2018, USA)

Author and Illustrator: Josh On

For a young child, cracking the reading code can be hard work. This app bridges the distance between letters and meaning by turning letters into living building blocks. As a child types, she builds items that appear on the screen. Ages 3-6. Runs on iOS.



MixerPiece (Giuseppe Ragazzini, 2018, Italy)

Author and Illustrator: Giuseppe Ragazzini

Turn your tablet into a visual classical art blender, 200 items that have been carved from classic works of art. Each item can be tinted, resized, replaced or erased, and you can see it in the context of the original work, making this a nice soft introduction to classical art. Playful, creative and educational. Runs on iOS and Android. Ages 5-up.






Kidomi (Fingerprint Digital Inc., 2018, USA)

Author and Illustrator: Fingerprint

This is a wonderfully broad library of “all you can eat” children’s content in a single monthly/yearly subscription. The library includes many of the judges’ favorites and a wide range of leading brands for which the platform should be commended. Only a few less high-quality items detract from the overall experience for us. Runs on iOS, Android, PC and Kindle. For ages 3-up.