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14-17 June 2021

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Welcome to OPEN UP - The BCBF Skill Box, the new completely digital environment where professions, skills and cultures come together to create unique opportunities for exchange - and especially - growth.

With OPEN UP, BCBF has extended its activities over the whole year, offering a programme LIVE and ON DEMAND of international conferences, masterclasses, webinars, portfolio reviews, workshops and special projects, bringing together sector specialists and the very many players making up the world of children's content.

Accessible over the full 365 days of the year, The BCBF Skill Box is a great online opportunity to learn, dialogue, discover opportunities ,and enjoy the full immersion experience of being part of the international children’s content.

Illustrators Wall - Call for entry


For the second year running, the Illustrators Wall will also take the form of a completely new, completely digital notice board open to all.

The digital walls will be endless, welcoming all the enthusiastic contributions of illustrators, graphic designers and artists, whether already well known or at the very beginning of their careers.

Content Reigns Supreme. New Digital Landscapes in Publishing and Licensing.

This special Masterclass combines the rich cross-media expertise of BCBF and BLTF, from publishing through licensing and digital: an intense day of sessions and insights into the main global trends in children’s content development, reserved for professionals in the publishing, licensing, media, and digital fields.

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Inside the picture book

How a picturebook is born. How the text relates to the projects, the illustrations to the graphic art, and art to the market? A special double session meeting.


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24H MARATHON The Worldwide Illustrators Survival Portfolio

Giugno 2021

24 international reviewers, including publishers, art directors, editors and artists, will be part of a non-stop 24 hour marathon portfolio review session 

International Kids Licensing Day

Discover in one day the hottest, not-to-be-missed licensing properties for children to re-launch your business, as well as the main trends to follow to re-boost your business. 

Inside the agency

Agents and artist agencies: How they work.

Forging Forward: The Pandemic
An Interruption, or an Opportunity to Rethink

How the global publishing industry builds the future inclusively, accessibly, sustainably and profitably.
This full day headline conference delivers a thorough understanding of the new challenges facing the global publishing industry, vital in order for companies to forge a secure future.

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How To Sell Rights & Understand Licensing In Children’s Books

This training event will ensure that you understand the cornerstone of copyright, and the essential steps of rights selling, whether you are starting off, or considering a career in rights; are in your first year or two and wish to consolidate the basics; you work in contracts or related areas, or you are a self-published children’s author.

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Machine Translation and Human Creativity


A close look at the characteristics, practice and recent results of machine translation of literary works, with special focus on children’s books. The workshop will be led by prominent sector experts who will take stock of the current situation and consider future prospects in theoretical but also practical terms.  

Meet the Jury



The Jury members will discuss how they went about choosing the illustrations for the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition. 




Inside the kid magazine: Anorak, Internazionale Kids, Zeit Leo


A look at editorial illustration for children: the specifics of content and professional relations between the illustrator and publishers.