2022 Winners

Established by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the International Publishers Association (IPA), the BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year acknowledges TOP children’s publishers across the world.

What makes it so special is that the prize is given by the publishers themselves who are asked to nominate those publishing houses that have stood out in terms of their creativity, innovation, and the quality of their editorial choices.

These are the 2022 BOP WINNERS:

  • Africa: New Africa Books, Republic of South Africa
  • Asia: Samir Éditeur, Lebanon
  • Central/South AmericaEl Naranjo, Mexico
  • Europe: Liels un mazs, Latvia
  • North America: Monsieur Ed, Canada
  • OceaniaBeatnik Publishing, New Zealand
For Africa, the winner is New Africa Books, from South Africa, consisting of two publishing brands. New Africa Books publishes a catalogue of titles covering all the South African languages, and is particularly focused on the cultural development of children and young people. New Africa Books is a small publishing house that operates with a philosophy at odds with the model that pervades much of the South African industry: its aim is to find gaps in the book market and fill them with beautiful and meaningful works.
Samir Éditeur, from Lebanon, is the winner for the Asian continent. Beirut-based Samir Éditeur publishes children's books in Arabic and French and distributes them in the Arab countries and the rest of the world, namely in France. Its catalogue focuses on books for children from 2 to 16 years old, publishing picture books, first readers, middle-grade fiction, non-fiction and teenage fiction. Samir Éditeur publishes mainly original content by authors and illustrators from different countries, and curated translations from international children’s literature such as Roald Dahl's books.
For Europe the prize goes to Liels un mazs from Latvia. Since its foundation in 2004, the publishing house has sought to develop and enrich the Latvian children’s book industry and create an alternative in the book world, both in terms of book content (with high-quality texts and modern illustrations) and innovative design and printing solutions, which are testament to a refined literary and visual taste.
For North America the 2022 winner is Canada’s Monsieur Ed. An independent publishing house specialising in children’s literature, Monsieur Ed has a predilection for stories set in special worlds, where reality and fantasy coincide. These universal stories inspire introspection and reflection. Although fiction is at the heart of its catalogue, Monsieur Ed also publishes non-fiction and graphic novels.
For Central and South America the winner is El Naranjo, from Mexico. Founded in 1994, the publishing house started publishing books for children and young people in 2003. El Naranjo has edited more than a hundred titles ranging from fiction, poetry and art to history, nature and classic literature, always seeking a playful approach. Its primary goal is to build its own aesthetic to contribute to the formation of critical and creative readers, through works that stimulate their sensitivity and interest, addressing themes with which they can identify or that provoke new reflections.
For Oceania, the winner is Beatnik Publishing, from New Zealand. As an independent publisher, Beatnik Publishing has been enriching New Zealand’s publishing scene over the past fifteen years with its keen eye for quality and beauty.
Beatnik works closely with authors, poets, artists and local businesses to give life to books with a refined design and rich content.