COMICS - Young Adult 2022



Text by Fabrice Melquiot
Art by Isabelle Pralong
Éditions La Joie de lire, Switzerland 2021


What the jury said:

“This collaboration between playwright Fabrice Melquiot and comic artist Isabelle Pralong addresses the confused sexual identity of a child named Polly, who is born neither male nor female and is eventually assigned by the medical profession as a boy. This challenging, underexplored subject is expressed in unconventional ways through watercolour drawings focusing on the characters, either close-up or distant, and a blend of naturalistic dialogue and poetic writings. Polly rejects the male-female binary and manages to claims control of their gender. The imagery and texts reflect Polly’s decision to float freely.”




Le grand vide

Text and art by Léa Murawiec
Éditions 2024, France, 2021


What the jury said:

“Lea Murawiec’s ambitious debut asks how we live our lives individually as well as within a complex society where to stay alive you need to be popular. In her experimental hybrid of genres and styles, including techniques and layouts from manga and Pop Art, Murawiec’s female lead realizes she must escape to a different world. This contemporary fable comments metaphorically on the social pressures of our digital age.”