COMICS - Early Reader


Bienvenue à Bibiville

Text and art by Éponine Cottey
Éditions 2024, France, 2021


What the jury said:

“In her beautifully realized debut which mixes comics and picture books, Eponine Cottey introduces stimulating ideas for early readers about the physical and psychological effects of design and architecture on their users. In this case, the characters are abandoned dogs and cats living harmoniously in the city of Bibiville. When it is destroyed, they rebuild the city themselves, without an architect, as best they can, achieving an even more liveable place in harmony with nature. We especially appreciated the use of Cottey’s free-flowing page layouts and her story-world full of fun and details to explore. A beautifully realized debut which mixes comics and picture books.”


Hvem rumpet brunosten?

Text by Erlend Loe
Art by Kim Hiorthøy
Cappelen Damm, Norway, 2021


What the jury said:

“Norway’s worship of brown cheese is celebrated and satirized in this wacky Monty Python-esque mystery. The crime scene is a cheese that has been sat on and the incriminating evidence is not fingerprints but buttprints. Artist Kim Hiorthøy conceives a wonderful cast of eccentric characters and writer Erlend Loe surprises and delights.”