Bologna Children bookfair See you
in Bologna

12-15 April

Visual Identity 2020

The 2017 Bologna Children’s Book Fair marked the first time a young artist from among the many talents selected for the Illustrators Exhibition was chosen to create the trade show’s visual identity.
Together with Chialab Design – in charge of the event’s visual identity practically every year since 2009 – we thought it right that a trade show where illustration plays such an important role should be visually represented by illustrations.
This is how the project "BCBF visual identity workshop" was born, a laboratory of intense co-planning that begins during the spring and makes its first public appearance at the beginning of autumn with the launch in Frankfurt of the new image of the Bologna Children 's Book Fair.
Given its success and the fresh new take it gave to the trade show’s image, we have decided to do it again in 2018 harnessing the talent of a young unpublished French illustrator, Chloé Alméras while the illustrator chosen for the 2019 edition was Masha Titova.

This year, for the forth edition of the “BCBF visual identity workshop”, the design studio Chialab, together with the Fiera team choose the Lithuanian illustrator Rasa Jančiauskaitė from among the artists of the 2019 Illustrators Exhibition.

Backstage 2020

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