Translating Children's Literature: Juggling Between Boundaries

Il convegno, organizzato da Ceatl (Europen Council of Literary Translators’ Associations) in collaborazione con Bologna Children's Book Fair esplora la difficile arte della traduzione per ragazzi e della reinvenzione della letteratura in altre lingue e culture.


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Children's literature has its specific demands even in its mother tongue, let alone translation. Some aspects of it do not even come to the surface unless translated. The fine balance between a work of art and a work of edification has to be maintained not only in language, but also in all aspects of transporting the original ideas into another culture. From simple things - will a donut become a Krapfen - to complex subjects such as societal norms and political stances. How much of it is left to the discretion of the translator, and how much of it is the product of various interventions in the text? The panelists will discuss various practices around Europe, and try to shed some light on the art and acrobatics of translating for children

Lara Hölbling Matković, DHKP, CEATL.

Marta Morros, Serret, FIT-IFT, International Federation of Translators; Francesca Novajra, AITI, CEATL; Flavio Rosati, AI, Autori di Immagini; Manuela Salvi, ICWA; Eva Valvo, STRADE, CEATL.

Organizato da Ceatl
In collaborazione con BCBF coll.