BRAW CrossMedia - The 2023 Winners

For the 2023 edition, six international jurors have reviewed over 90 entries from 30 countries and regions of the world. From the final shortlist of ten entries the jury has selected two winners - one for CrossMedia Projects, one for Digital Libraries - and four special mentions





Publisher: Vivandra Books
Country/Region: Hungary
Book Title: Otthon (Home)
Author: Kinga Rofusz
Extension: From book to Short Animated Movie
Producer: BÉLA KLINGL (K.G.B. Studio)
A short animation film inspired by a silent book to describe that ‘home’ is not only a place where we live, but also a feeling of trust and connections that bridge the gap between generations. 


What the jury said:
"A wonderful evocation of moving home, rendered beautifully and with great sensitivity in both print and animation. Sometimes we cannot put words on big events in our lives until long after. And so it seems fitting that Otthon (Home) is a wordless portrayal both in book and movie forms of a child’s reaction to something so life changing as moving home. The author tells us a universal story of the nature of connections, with effortless storytelling and a fluid and poetic imagery that almost floats with the family and their many different feelings about home. Otthon also tells a story of our connections to nature - immutable even when we are not. The jury has appreciated the exquisite cinematographic quality of the short movie, which takes care of the image composition and is accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack that perfectly describes the story." 


Atelier de création Fonfon 

Publisher: Fonfon
Country/Region: Canada
Type: web based creative platform
A web-based platform for children to create their own stories using visual elements — characters, sets, accessories — taken from several albums published by Fonfon. 


What the jury said:
"A web-based interactive platform for ages 4-12 that allows children to create their own stories using the engaging visual elements — characters, sets, accessories — taken from several albums from the publisher’s book collection, including The Matchstick Soup. The jury has appreciated the fun, creative and rewarding story-making experience: the different features available to users, such as writing text, selecting scenery and images, recording their voice, publishing and sharing their story with their friends and family, as well as the activities suggested to teachers with reading and writing workshops."   


El Deafo

Publisher: Abrams Books
Country/Region: USA
Book Title: El Deafo
Author: Cece Bell
Extension: From book to Animated Series
Producer: Will McRobb, CeCe Bell, Clint Eland, Claire Finn, Sara Bottfeld


What the jury said:
"What started as a graphic novel has been creatively transformed into a wonderful animated tv series, without losing any of its original power. It’s a reminder that we all have special needs; and it gives the viewer a tool kit for rethinking one’s disability, with a message for anyone who worries about fitting in.
The author figures out very early on in life how to make the most of her disability by turning it into a superpower. And by doing so shows how we can all be not just ordinary but extraordinary too, if we are positive, creative and surrounded by communities who support us. Thus, the story speaks to us about acceptance of diversity and bullying, while employing humour and adventures that makes it very attractive for all audiences." 




The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness

Publisher: Dirt Lane Press
Country/Region: Australia
Book Title: The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness
Author: Matt Ottley
Extension: From book to Music, Audiobook and Short movie
Producer: Tina Wilson


What the jury said:
"A beautiful, thought provoking and touching multimedia work for young adults/adults which succeeds in its stated aim of ‘contributing to the ongoing discussion around mental illness in a way that leads to greater understanding…to empathy and compassion’. Through illustration, text, a short movie and music, the project poetically allows us to traverse the darkness and emotional challenges together with the artist, musicians, choir. We thus learn how art in all its forms can help us make sense of the dark, find the light, as well as our way home to ourselves. While the illustrations may be upsetting to younger children, the topic of dealing with depression is addressed with beauty, creativity, and refreshing honesty."    




Publisher: Gallimard Jeunesse
Country/Region: France
Book Title: Culottées
Author: Pénélope Bagieu
Extension: From book to animated tv series, live events, exhibition, merchandising
Producer: Silex films


What the jury said:
"An inspiring tv series, live events, exhibitions and merchandising, all taken from a wonderful series of graphic novels, that offer us an alternative history of feminism, through thirty portraits of women who struggled against the social norms of their times. Educating the young generation on the subject of gender equality should always be a priority, and this work manages to make known the stories of women from all backgrounds, all identities, their dreams, ambitions and how they are capable of breaking down stereotypes that exist around them. It does it with shrewd humour and perceptiveness."     



1001 Languages

Publisher: Bücherpiraten
Country/Region: Germany
Type: open multilingual digital library
A digital platform that allows children to write and illustrate picture books for other children. 170 volunteers translate into 77 languages the books, which everyone can download for free.


What the jury said:
"A treasure trove for children who love opening doors with new words, who come from multilingual backgrounds or maybe just want to dive into other worlds before they ever get there. The jury has appreciated the social value of the project: 170 volunteers translating into 77 languages, access to free downloads, international collaborations between refugee and immigrant children creating new books with children of their host country. With migration such a big issue in our world today, this ‘library for idealists’ goes a long way to help people understand and learn from each other through their own words and pictures."