BRAW CrossMedia - The 2022 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the BolognaRagazzi Crossmedia Award 2022, made up of the publishing projects that have best expanded their narrative universe to other media. 
The international jury examined over 80 projectsselected 10from which the Grand Prize and the special mentions were chosen.



Les quatre nouvelles saisons d’en sortant de l’école Vol. 2 

BOOK TITLE: Les quatre nouvelles saisons d’en sortant de l’Ecole Vol. 2 de Roy, Tardieu, Verlaine, Chedid
AUTHOR: Roy, Tardieu, Verlaine, Chedid
PRODUCER: Tant mieux prod

What the jury said:
"The choice of the Les quatre nouvelles saisons d’en sortant de l’école as this year’s Crossmedia Award winner comes as no surprise. This is an enchanting and brilliant project that succeeds in bringing the poetry of four great authors closer to a younger audience. The starting point was the powerful ideas within poems; these have been skilfully transposed into an illustrated book and a collection of short films. A particularly impressive feature of the project is that the short films were made by recent graduates of French animation schools.

Poetry and animation successfully intertwine in an inspired, skilfully executed work made using bold illustration techniques and adapted in each episode to the individual poem. The attention to the images, together with the detail of the soundtrack, is immaculate and inspiring.

The risk was to end up reducing the sensitivity and spirit of the 52 beautiful short videos inspired by the words of Roy, Tardieu, Verlaine and Chedid to a simple portfolio. Instead, the variety of feelings and illustration techniques also emerges from the printed pages, serving as a precious insight that goes to the heart of the project. The book expertly captures the nuances, essence and sensibility of each budding filmmaker’s imaginative and emotional response to the poems." 


The Tiger Who Came to Tea 

PUBLISHER: HarperCollins Publishers
BOOK TITLE: The Tiger Who Came to Tea
AUTHOR: Judith Kerr

What the jury said:
"This film is like a warm hug from a lovable and friendly (and oh so slightly scary) tiger. The project perfectly transposes the book onto the screen, respectful to the amazing original work but somehow able to bring the characters to life, while conveying the sensitivity of the original illustrations and projecting what the reader could only imagine by reading the story. The 2D animation reproduces the white background space of the book, on which the characters move, suspended with grace and humour, accompanied by a soundtrack that adds playfulness to the narrative. The jury was struck by how perfectly a child’s point of view is embedded into each of the 36,000 hand-drawn frames. A case study in how to take a beloved classic children’s book to the screen."   


Sulla sfortunata vita dei vermi

PUBLISHER: Corraini Edizioni
BOOK TITLE: On The Unfortunate Life of Worms
AUTHOR: Noemi Viola
PRODUCER: Corraini Edizioni

What the jury said:
"An entertaining and passionate exploration of the not-so-secret life of worms that succeeds in persuading hitherto unconvinced readers that they absolutely have to learn all there is to know about the unfortunate life of these small creatures.

The original and humorous book, in which the texts dialogue magnificently with the illustrations, is successfully complemented by a podcast that provides further information and interviews, without ever forgetting that its intended audience is composed of children. The audio dimension allows the author to draw in the listener with real life stories and legends, yet also manages to express the obvious unease that these animals inspire. Because worms matter. The jury hopes this project will inspire others to use the podcast as a medium to introduce big ideas to young and curious minds."    


Un point c'est tout

PUBLISHER: Editions Milan
BOOK TITLE: Un point c'est tout
AUTHOR: Xavier Deneux

What the jury said:
"Simplicity lies at the core of this finger-driven exploration of numbers and the abstract concept of a dot, providing a benchmark for quality interactive content for children. The premise of the app by Xavier Deneux is that starting from the simple form of a dot, the child can learn and create less abstract shapes, like those of animals. In fact, the app enables the dots to literally come to life, thanks to the ingenious transposition of the book illustrations into an interactive multimedia dimension, in which animation and sounds further enhance the power of the original paper-based idea.
A fun, creative and wonderfully free mix of different media make this web and mobile app very compelling."    



BOOK TITLE: Intraducibles
AUTHOR: 68 indigenous traditional speakers
PRODUCER: Water. We are the robots

What the jury said:
"Abstract ideas like free speech, inclusion and tolerance are made palpable and more accessible by this project that cleverly blends different media. The project aims to preserve the richness of language, often said to be threatened by digital culture, by taking advantage of those same media and their huge potential for engaging the public both in virtual and real life. The jury particularly appreciated the project’s portrayal of human rights, freedom of speech and inclusion and considered it a genuine and effective cross-media project. By encouraging reading, both in virtual and real spaces, the project constructs bridges between experiences with a creative zing that is impressive and ultimately so much more than a website.
Its three deliverables – book, website and street art – are accessible free of charge, an aspect that further reinforces the message of pluralism, tolerance and interculturalism. Bravo!"