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14-17 June 2021

Panel Collection

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Wednesday 14 October 2020

14 October - 10.00 - 1 h. 30 min.

POETRY: BolognaRagazzi Award 2021 Special Category - A Contemporary Child’s Garden of Verses

 Short, even very short, profound, thoughtful, hilarious, satirical and critical, poetry is an art form, a means of conveying thought and communicating that resonates with curious young minds, eager to discover the world around them, and especially, in search of authentic meaning.

This international Round Table looks at poetry for young readers. Many aspects of the genre will be discussed: from contemporary poets to the place of poetry on today’s publishing scene, from poems for the very young to those for adolescents. But also whether rules exist for poetry targeting young audiences and whether experimentation has a role to play. This discussion takes a deep dive into the world of poetry for young readers, the subject of the 2021 Special Category of the BolognaRagazzi Award.

Denis Beznosov, Deputy Director, Russian State Children’s Library - Russia

Maria José Ferrada, Journalist and Writer - Chile
Beatrice Masini, Editor-in-chief, Bompiani (Giunti Editore) - Italy
Arianna Squilloni, Publisher, A buen paso - Spain
Elena Pasoli, Exhibition Manager, Bologna Children's Book Fair - Italy 

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Thursday 15 October 2020

15 October - 09.30 - 1 h. 30 min.

NON-FICTION: The Other Side of Children’s Books - Knowledge in-between the Lines and the Pictures

Non-fiction books for children enjoy excellent health. Dealing with a vast range of subjects – from botany and major inventions to inspiring biographies – they make up an encyclopedia of knowledge conveyed by creative authors and illustrators who have been given full freedom to step outside the strict confines of traditional non-fiction.The result is a whole new series of splendidly illustrated books. A quiet revolution is taking place between the pages. 

Grazia Gotti, Coop. Giannino Stoppani/ Accademia Drosselmeier - Italia

Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, Authors and Illustrators - Ukraine
André Letria, Illustrator and Publisher, Pato Lógico Edições - Portugal
Ilaria Dindelli, PhD Student, University of Bologna - Italy 

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Friday 16 October 2020

16 October - 09.30 - 1 h. 15 min.

COMICS: A New Golden Age - More and More Early to Young-Adult Readers are Choosing Comics

Bologna Children’s Book Fair has welcomed comics and graphic novels, echoing and facilitating the drive of publishers around the world as they extend their catalogues to include the works of many talented young artists. The language of comics is enjoying increasing success. Market data tell us that stories with pictures resonate with readers of all ages and that demand continues to rise. Bringing together international publishers and comic artists, the Round Table will look at this dynamic scenario from two points of view: the art and the business of comics.

Ed Nawotka, Bookselling and International Editor, Publishers Weekly - USA

Liniers, Cartoonist - Argentina
Camille Jourdy, Author and Illustrator - France 
Emanuele Di Giorgi, Managing Director, Tunué - Italy   

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