The Contest - Rules of Entry

Italian Excellence. Illustrations for Italo Calvino

1.  AIMS
To celebrate the centenary of Italo Calvino's birth, BCBF proposes an original initiative, organised in collaboration with Accademia Drosselmeier/Coop. Giannino Stoppani, focused on Illustration, to pay homage to one of the most important authors of the second half of the 20th century.
BCBF will organise an international exhibition that will make its debut in Bologna in March 2023 on the occasion of the 60th edition of BCBF; the project, which will bring together invited artists and the illustrators selected from this competition, will subsequently tour in many countries.

Applicants for the Exhibition selection should be inspired (for both pictures) by the same work by Italo Calvino, among those here listed:

  • The Path to the Nest of Spiders (Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno)
  • Italian Folktales (Fiabe italiane)
  • The Cloven Viscount (Il visconte dimezzato)
  • The Baron in the Trees (Il barone rampante)
  • The Nonexistent Knight (Il cavaliere inesistente)
  • Marcovaldo (Marcovaldo)

Illustrators, provided they were born prior to 31st December 2005 are eligible to enter the Exhibition.
For registration and submission of the entries the participants must fill in the Entry form and submit the digital version of their work online - two (2) illustrations,  unpublished or published, created in black and white or colour, produced using any technique –  to be submitted in accordance with article 5) .
For published work, the participant must also provide the ISBN number of the publication.
Participation is free of charge and implies the full acceptance of the present Rules of entry. 

Format: JPG or PNG
Resolution: 300 DPI

The registration and file upload function will be made available from 20 JULY TO 10 OCTOBER 2022 17 OCTOBER 2022.
The only official channel for registration and submission of the work is the Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s website
Participants must fill in the Entry form and upload their file online.

All entries must, without exception, be received by  10 OCTOBER 2022 17 OCTOBER 2022. Entries received after this date will not be included in the selection process.

All artwork sent by the stated deadline – 10 OCTOBER 2022 17 OCTOBER 2022 - and meeting the specified requirements will be examined and selected by a panel of experts, whose decision is final.

The illustrations of the selected illustrators will take part in the Exhibition dedicated to Italo Calvino presented at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2023, and, subsequently, the exhibition will also be presented by the other Italians and International partners of the initiative. 

8. SHIPMENT OF ORIGINAL WORKS (for the winners selected by the Jury)
To have their artwork included in the Exhibition, all selected applicants must ship their selected original works to the address and by the date to be indicated in due course by the Organizing Secretariat of the Exhibition.
Winners should take special care to ship exactly the illustrations they entered in the competition, and good quality prints.
Entries may be delivered by express delivery service. For those sending from Italy, illustrations sent by post will also be accepted.
Parcels must be sent to arrive “carriage paid” (i.e. with no charge accruing to the addressee). Any customs duties or delivery charges shall, without exception, be paid by the illustrator selected.
Shipment by express delivery is to be preferred for shipment from non-EU countries. For customs purposes, we recommend indicating a low value value of the goods shipped, and that the wording: “illustrations of no commercial value” be written on the forwarding documents.
BolognaFiere shall not be held accountable for the non-arrival or late arrival of artwork, nor for the eventual loss, theft or damage, either of the whole package or of individual artworks contained in the package. Claims for compensatory damages in this respect shall not be accepted. 

The artwork (i.e., the size of the sheet) must not exceed the following maximum sizes:  50 x 70 cm (or 70 x 50 cm)       
The artwork must be on paper or flexible board, maximum thickness 2 mm.
The illustrations must be sent without passe-partout or any other form of mounting. BolognaFiere will, at its own discretion, mount the artwork in keeping with the staging of the Exhibition. The choices made by BolognaFiere may not be challenged in any way. 

The illustrators remain the sole owners of their artwork but they acknowledge for free the non-exclusive right of BolognaFiere and of its partners to:

  • exhibit and publish online the illustrations in the framework of the initiative;
  • reproduce their illustration on posters, leaflets and other Exhibition literature and also in any other medium (digital medium, on-line systems. etc.), also with the aim of promoting the same Exhibition or to any other BCBF initiatives;
  • grant to third parties the possibility to reproduce the illustration selected, if strictly related to the promotional purposes of the Exhibition;
  • grant the possibility to publish or post the selected works through the BCBF’s newsletter and social media for promotional purposes of the Exhibition.

Each winners included in the Exhibition will be given a space in the catalogue in which - at BolognaFiere's discretion - one or both illustrations will be reproduced, accompanied by bio-bibliographical notes.
BolognaFiere hereby reserves the right to choose the works to be published in the catalogue. BolognaFiere may not be held liable for errors or omissions.
While the illustrators remain the sole owners of their artwork, they hereby acknowledge the non-exclusive right of BolognaFiere, entailing no charge, to:

  • reproduce their artwork in the Exhibition catalogue;
  • publish or republish all or part of the catalogue in Italian or other languages and to grant these same rights to third parties, wherever in the world, for the duration of ten years.
  • grant the organisers of the various stages of the exhibition the possibility of reproducing the selected works, also for promotional purposes of the exhibition itself.
The illustrators undertake not to advance claims in respect of the reproduction, publication and use in the above-mentioned forms of their artwork by BolognaFiere and/or third parties, hereby acknowledging BolognaFiere’s intention with such action to promote throughout the world the work of the artists featured in the Exhibition.

After the Bologna event, the Exhibition may subsequently be transferred to venues in other countries at the discretion of BolognaFiere.
Illustrators hereby undertake to hold harmless BolognaFiere from any and all liability in respect of damage, thefts or loss that the illustrations may sustain while outside Italy as well as on their outward and return journeys.
The Regulations governing the Illustrators Exhibition shall also apply to the exhibitions held outside Italy, the organizers of the exhibitions staged outside Italy being bound by the contractual obligations of the Regulations hereto.
The illustrators included in the Exhibition grant the organizers of the various stages of the exhibitions held outside Italy the non-exclusive right entailing no charge to reproduce the artwork selected on posters, leaflets and other Exhibition literature as well as on any other support (digital medium, on-line systems), also for promotional purposes of the Exhibition itself.

All the artwork of the winning illustrators shall be returned to their owners by BolognaFiere or directly by the organizers of the Exhibitions staged outside Italy by the month of June 2024, unless notice has been given of further exhibitions to be held outside Italy. In any event, the artwork included in the Exhibition may not be returned, withdrawn or replaced during the Exhibition and/or during the period of the exhibitions held outside Italy.

Applicants hereby agree to hold harmless BolognaFiere from and against any liability and third-party claims related to the contents of the artwork they have submitted for the Exhibition.
In addition, the artist/school/publisher hereby releases BolognaFiere and the organizers of the exhibitions outside Italy from all liability for damage to submitted works (including theft and fire) incurred during transport, while held at the exhibitions or while being returned.

  1. BolognaFiere will, however, take out an insurance policy covering the works selected for the event against damage, fire or theft for the duration of the Exhibition in Bologna. Every artwork shall be insured for a maximum sum of Euros 250.00, which may be increased by the illustrator at his/her request and expense;
  2. BolognaFiere shall oblige the organizers staging the Exhibition outside Italy to take out insurance against theft and damage of the artworks during transportation and while held at the exhibition venue.

BolognaFiere may cancel the Exhibition or change the dates thereof. without anything being due to the participants. 

BolognaFiere undertakes to process the personal data made available by you in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679, as well as with the guidelines and requirements laid down by the Data Protection Supervisory Authority and any other applicable regulation.
For further in-depth information regarding the processing of your personal data by the Company, please consult the Privacy policy statement of the Entry form, which should be signed in acceptance and returned to us.

By submitting their entry, the illustrators accept and acknowledge the Exhibition Regulations and all the rules that BolognaFiere may introduce. Relations between BolognaFiere and the llustrators are governed by Italian law. Any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian courts and to the sole competence of the law court of Bologna.