2021 Jackets Off

On Demand (24 June - 31 July)

Jackets off is a BBPlus project dedicated to book cover design. With Steven Heller, Art Director, Critic, Author, and Editor (USA); Cecilia Flegenheimer, Art Director, Mondadori (ITA); Jon Gray, Graphic Designer (UK); Alice Beniero, Illustrator and Art Director (ITA); and Paul Buckley, Senior VP, Executive Creative Director, Penguin Random House (USA).

A series of events organized by The Illustrators Survival Corner – Mimaster Illustrazione, in partnership with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

“Jackets off” Group Book Cover Exhibition

  • A panel of five international experts has selected some of the most promising illustrators and designers out there today for an exhibition dedicated to cover design, from sketch to final work. The exhibition is viewable online in the BCBF Galleries section

“Covers go Digital” – Live Group Talk

  • A masterclass dedicated to the theme of cover design in the era of digital access, seeking visuals that stay strong across different media.

Book Cover Design – Case Histories

  • Successful cover design. Exclusive video presentations by five cover design experts as they review the most significant case histories they’ve come across in their careers.

Portfolio Review

  • Four live, video chat portfolio reviews, dedicated to illustrators and designers who work in cover design. 

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