Beauty and the World

The New Non-fiction Picturebook

This great Exhibition of Non-fiction Picturebooks from all over the world is the dissemination event of a research project of the Department of Education (University of Bologna), in partnership with BCBF. Aim of the project was to map and analyze the international production of non-fiction for children since around 2010, when more and more visually impressive and conceptually innovative non-fiction picturebooks started to be published at a global level.

From 5 March to 16 April 2023 at Salaborsa, in Bologna, the Exhibition displayed over 600 original titles published internationally over the last 15 years, selected because of their interesting, creative, experimental approach to knowledge. This creativity suggested freedom in understanding and arranging the volumes of the Exhibition, and the possibility to overlook standard systematizations and labels. The books were grouped in thematic sections that deliberately go beyond the traditional categories with which we use to classify the world, and suggest interdisciplinarity and integration of knowledge. 

beauty locandina