59th edition
21-24 March 2022
Bologna - Italy

Forging Forward Gateway Events and On Demand Seminars

Two Gateway Events were free for all Forging Forward attendees.


Gateway Events

Copyright Symposium in partnership with the IPA
Protecting the Book market: Strategies, Challenges & Best Practice on Copyright Enforcement

Theme: Protecting the book market: strategies, challenges & best practices on copyright enforcement


Law enforcement agencies, copyright authorities and publishers all play a key role when it comes to combatting infringement to protect the book market. 

Publishers and law enforcement officers share their experience about the challenges brought by online piracy and the importance of appropriate legal frameworks to support copyright owners and authorities in tackling infringement. We hear about their day-to-day work to enforce copyrights, an essential activity to maintain a sustainable and vibrant book market. 

The objective of this panel is to discuss enforcement from practical, legal and regulatory perspectives, applied to the book sector. In a context of best practice, the speakers share their experiences and raise awareness about the importance of strengthening regulatory frameworks and investing in specialized authorities and infrastructure to effectively address copyright enforcement, especially in the online world.  

 Dr.Jessica Sanger, Chair of IPA's Copyright Committee (Moderator); speakers: Gareth Hodges, Manager Economic Crime, Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), UK; Obi Ezeilo, Director of Enforcement Operations, Nigerian Copyright Commission, NigeriaDaniel Novack, Senior Counsel at Penguin Random House, USA

State of the Nations: An Executive Roundtable 

Four CEOs reflect on the last year with all the challenges and opportunities that presented themselves. They discuss business life in a post-pandemic world and share views on what they might stop doing and what they might start doing more of…

Speakers: Richard Charkin, Mensch Publishing UK (Moderator); Hakan Rudels, Bonnier Sweden; Chantal Restivo-Alessi, HarperCollins USA; Roberto Banchik Penguin Random House Mexico, and Louise Sherwin-Stark

On Demand Webinars

Audio Publishing: Covid’s Impact and Moving on to Greater Growth & Success

In partnership with the Audio Publishers Association, USA and chaired by Michele Cobb its Director.

Speakers from the growing audio world discuss the many opportunities, the challenges and the impact of this past pandemic year. Included also are highlights of their 2021 consumer survey data.

Lori Benton, VP & Group Publisher of Scholastic Audio and Weston Woods; Catherine Wallach, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Recorded Books, RB Media and Chris Lynch, President and Publisher, Simon & Schuster Audio.

Accessibility in Publishing

The 2025 European Accessibility Act brings significant change with financial and legal implications for the book publishing ecosystem.

As the date of implementation is on the horizon, the time for the publishing supply chain to prepare is NOW ! Any publisher or online retailer wishing to sell their books into Europe, needs to start making changes to their website, platform and app to comply with the new legislation. Find out what this means for you and how you can take practical steps to making your content more accessible to a wider readership and be compliant for the new Act.

Moderator: Cristina Mussinelli, Secretary General Fondazione LIA

 A Decade of Diversity in Children’s Books: The Past, Present and Future

Four children’s book publishers discuss diversity and inclusion in the children’s sphere, where it is so important to sow the seeds of inclusivity. Different publishing strategies from around the world will be considered, with particular emphasis on successes, and also on the work still to be done.

The Italian Book Market: facts & figures 

An overview of the Italian book market in 2020 with data on production, sales, reading, import and export of rights. 
An event by AIE - Italian Publishers Association

In the year of the pandemic, trade publishing (fiction and non-fiction and children’s and young adult books sold in physical bookshops, online and in the large-scale retail channel, as well as ebooks and audiobooks) has grown by 2.4%, racking up 1.54 billion euro calculated on the cover price.
The sales of paper books increased by 0.3% calculated on the cover price, reaching a total of 1.43 billion.  Ebooks had a 37% growth, reaching 97 million euro, audiobooks +94%, (17.5 million euro)
Bookshops – and physical channels in general – have lost market shares to the online channel, which has increased from 27% in 2019 to as much as 43%. The physical channels did win back some ground from the online market during the year, going from 52% in April to 57% at the end of December.